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The photograph above was taken on a construction site close to the Danube river which flows through Bratislava the capital city of Slovakia. Back in 2006 Bratislava was a city attracting the attention of investors from all over Europe looking to cash in on a predicted housing market boom that was expected to follow Slovakia’s adoption of the Euro.

While prices did increase at quite a rate, the window of opportunity was small and there were some investors who joined the party a little late. The rest of course is history.  It’s a sure bet that there will be many twists and turns as markets rise and fall in the future.

This website was set up to bridge the gap that exists in property market coverage and it will have honest and objective editorial at its heart. It will continue to act as a hub aimed at expanding knowledge of new and existing property investment destinations.

Key Ready is aimed at property marketers, journalists and investors who want to keep up-to-date with everything that is happening in property markets from around the world.  We have also set up a membership function to the website that will help journalists source stories by submitting alerts. PRs can also post property news onto the website for free. For promotional posts and advertorial, there are a several paid packages to choose from.

What Makes Us Different?

Key Ready is set up by journalists for journalists so don’t be surprised top find content on the website that covers the realities of property investment as well as the positive stuff. We like to provide a mix of content that includes objective material written and researched in house along with promotional stories or advertorials.

The Key Ready Team

We currently have a small team of property writers providing in-depth editorial content for the website. They will be working hard to source news from property markets as well as creating guides for investors on a regular basis. Our team are always interested to hear your property stories and they can be contacted via the form on the contact page.

Website Editor

Brett Tudor started out as a property journalist and then investment analyst in 2006 writing detailed investment reports on countries such as the UK and Spain and the then emerging markets such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. Since then he has continued to cover global property markets for various property agencies in the UK and overseas. His work has been featured regularly in publications including the The Times,  The Telegraph and the Daily Mail as well as various property related websites such as the Move Channel, Rightmove.



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